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Python Programming
Blockchain course

Duration : 5 weeks

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These are state of art programs designed by Prime Classes - Promoted by a team of Data science praconers with 15+ years of experience in IT Industry. These programs are experiential application driven programs for highly motivated working professionals to become data science practitioners.


   Introduction to Python

• Overview of Python • The Companies using Python • Other applications in which Python is used • Discuss Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows • Values, Types, Variables • Operands and Expressions • Conditional Statements • Loops • Command Line Arguments • Writing to the screen

   Sequences and File operations

• Python files I/O Functions • Numbers • Strings and related operations • Tuples and related operations • Lists and related operations • Dictionaries and related operations • Sets and related operations

   Functions, OOPs, Modules, Errors and Exceptions

• Functions • Function Parameters • Global variables • Variable scope and Returning Values • Lambda Functions • Object-Oriented Concepts • Standard Libraries • Modules Used in Python • The Import statements • Module search path • Package installation ways • Errors and Exception Handling • Handling multiple exceptions

   Introduction to NumPy and Pandas

NumPy - arrays Operaons on arrays Numbers Indexing slicing and iterang Reading and wring arrays on files Pandas - data structures & index operaons Reading and Wring data from Excel/CSV formats into Pandas

   Data Visualization

• matplotlib library • Grids, axes, plots • Markers, colours, fonts and styling • Types of plots - bar graphs, pie charts, histograms • Contour plots

   Data Manipulation

• Basic Functionalities of a data object • Merging of Data objects • Concatenation of data objects • Types of Joins on data objects • Exploring a Dataset • Analyzing a dataset

   Developing Web maps and representing information using plots

• Use of Folium Library • Use of Pandas Library • Flow chart of Web Map application • Developing Web Map using Folium and Pandas • Reading information from Dataset and represent it using Plots

   Computer vision using open CV and visualization using Bokeh

• Beautiful Soup Library • Requests Library • Scrap all hyperlinks from a webpage, using Beautiful Soup & Requests • Plotting charts using Bokeh • Plotting scatterplots using Bokeh • Image Editing using OpenCV • Face detection using OpenCV • Moon Detection and Capturing Video

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