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Digital Marketing Course Practical Driven
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Duration : 10 weeks

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About Course

Digital Marketing course overview. This is 100% practical driven program that helps you land in your dream job easily. Of the Fee you pay 30% will be put in your accounts for practical spend as this knowledge improves you chances of getting your dream job 10x times. The course focuses on the digital media ecosystem and takes a holistic view of modern marketing. Thus, creating a balance between the qualitative aspects of developing a brand and the more quantitative aspects of sales and marketing, such as sales cycle, lead nurturing, market experimentation, social media metrics and analytics.


   Digital Marketing Introduction

In this session you would understand all the domains/platforms that you need to understand to be good digital marketer. Be it the SEO, SEM, Blogging, Vlogging, Analytics, PPC etc.

   Digital Footprint Setup

You would be made to have an account on these platforms in the first week of the course. Having practical knowledge is more important than mere theoretical knowledge in Digital marketing domain so we made the program to be 100% practical driven.

   Google AdWords

You will be taught about Google Adwords, ppc, double click, different type of campaigns, bidding process, content marketing and analytics as part of this.

   Analytics - Google and other platforms.

Analytics play a key-role in optimizing your campaigns. We teach you what intelligence you get from Google analytics, Youtube, Alexa etc.

   Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

In last decade SEO has been the first thing that came to people mind when people spoke about digital marketing. It still plays a crucial role in offering organic reach for business. We teach you all that you need to know as part of SEO viz on-page, off-page, technical and social media.

   Content Marketing

Content is King in digital marketing. Irrespective of domain content sets up your authority and creates customer loyalty. This always creates huge follower base that let you create a lead pipeline for your business.

   Online Display Advertising

Display marketing through various platforms would be taught as part of this viz Google, Web, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram etc

   Facebook Marketing

Facebook page creation, group creation, business account creation and adverts management will be covered in this module. Also how you can create a funnel for other platforms using using fb followers gets covered.

   Twitter Marketing

Twitter is very popular for political, entertainment, sports and fashion campaigns. We give you complete understanding how the twitter marketing works.

   LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin marketing is latest entrant in digital marketing but is evolving as a very powerful platform as you can directly reach out to the target customers based on their job profile, interests etc. Along with display marketing Linkedin offers lead generation, mailer campaigns that are proven to be highly effective for businesses.

   Email Marketing

In digital marketing e-mail marketing play a vital role in lead creation, lead nurture and engagement. When you plan to reach out to millions though a channel directly e-mail marketing play a highly effective role but automation of the same and anlaytics around the campaigns are very important for running effective e-mail campaigns.

   Lead Generation

Understanding lead generation methods on various social platforms, google adwords is very important to be a successful digital marketer. Indeed companies prefer such people who can generate business for companies than mere branding activities.

   Video Marketing

Video is the best media for conveying ideas to customer. Same reason still people spend daily crores on TV ads. In the digital world video ads are very powerful and the same can be run on various video sharing platforms, facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and instagram etc. We teach you what does it take you to make video that appeals to customers and how to market the same for better reach and results.

   Instagram marketing

Instagram is a full-fledged, global platform that allows brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, showcase products, and inspire their audience. Though got popular in the last couple of years it has become a great channel for reaching customer for Big brands. You will learn how to do brand building, customer loyalty and sales on Instagram

   Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a relatively new social networking site that allows users to create online image collages, then quickly and easily share those collages — called “pinboards” — with other Pinterest users. We teach you nitty-gritty of marketing on this platform

   E-commerce Marketing

Now a days e-commerce platforms have come up with advertising platforms for vendors/sellers. As they can give great scope for upsell/cross-sell they are becoming quite popular among business owners.

   Mobile app marketing

Mobile apps have become defacto channels to reach the customer in this era and the biggest advantage is you don't let them stray from your platform. We teach you how to do mobile app marketing, how to get downloads and mobile app anlaytics.

   Online Reputation Management

Advantage of digital world is good things can go viral and same is the case with bad news/complaints also. Keeping track of bad things on digital globe is equally important we teach you tools and techniques to handle such things before they cause huge damage to businesses.

   Affiliate Marketing Basics

Having right network always helps in growing business. You may not have a fb page / youtube channel / website with millions of followers but affiliate marketing helps you connect with owners of such digital assets to reap the maximum at minimum spend. We teach you how to identify and partner with such infulencers.

   Adsense & Blogging

Heard about people making millions online? Yes under adsense we teach you what is an adsense account and how you can make money under the same through various platforms viz website, blog or youtube channel.

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