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DevOps Course
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Duration : 12 weeks

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About Course

DevOps Foundations – Methods, Practices and Tools training course focuses on the key areas that are vital for working seamlessly in the modern software engineering context. Specific topics covered in this course include ‘DevOps Values’, ‘DevOps Principles’, ‘DevOps Methods’, ‘DevOps Practices’ and ‘DevOps tools’. Specifically, this course will have emphasis on three primary practice areas that are usually discussed in the context of DevOps. Ø Infrastructure Automation – create your systems, OS configs, and app deployments as code. Ø Continuous Delivery – build, test, deploy your apps in a fast and automated manner. Ø Site Reliability Engineering – operate your systems; monitoring and orchestration, sure, but also designing for operability in the first place This course is filled with hands-on exercises to help you practice the methods and techniques taught in the course on the most widely used open-source DevOps tool chains.


   The DevOps Fundamentals

1.DevOps basics 2. DevOps culture 3. DevOps building blocks 4. Infrastructure Automation 5. Continuous Delivery 6. Reliability Engineering

   DevOps – Continuous Delivery

1. Introduction 2. Continuous Integration 3. Continuous Delivery 4. Build your own pipeline • GIT, Jenkins, Maven, Artifactory, Chef and Puppet 5. Putting it all together (Hands-on)

   DevOps – Infrastructure Automation

1. Unit testing infrastructure 2. Integration and security testing infrastructure 3. Serverless with Lambda 4. Provisioning with Cloudformation 5. Build desktop with Vagrant 6. Convergent provisioning with Chef 7. Immutable deployment with Docker 8. Container orchestration with Kubernetes

   DevOps – Site Reliability Engineering

1. SRE basics 2. SRE Practice Areas - Change management - Self-service automation - Incident management - Postmortems - Trouble shooting - Performance engineering 3. SRE organization

   Advanced DevOps

1. DevSecOps 2. Production Monitoring - Monitoring basics - Types of monitoring instrumentation - Monitoring techniques

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